Project Recovery

Taking action to make sure a project succeeds – monitoring, auditing and rescuing projects that are not going as planned.

To ensure the best results from projects it is vital to monitor progress and quality against agreed criteria. PDSI can help ensure delivery to brief, budget and timescale, either on an ongoing or snapshot basis.

If a project is failing to meet expectations, PDSI’s rescue package will identify why there is a shortfall and propose a strategy to realign a project and mitigate any damaging impacts. There are many reasons why a project may be failing from the start or will go wrong along the way including:

  • Underfunded projects.
  • An inexperience project team.
  • Unrealistic owner expectations.
  • Teams that short cut the process.
  • Improper planning.
  • Staff that is unable to deal with unplanned events.
  • And more.

Our Approach and Methods

Project Review
Any project which is behind schedule or over budget could benefit from a Review. This will give the client a simple, independent and accurate view of where they are in the project, how bad or good it really is, and a solution on how to resolve it, together with budget costs and timeframes.

We can undertake a full audit of the project to discover:

The original project

scope and brief, tender, timelines, costs and budgets and planned outcomes.

Where is the project now

scope creep, delays, cost growth, current budget, what has changed.

Strengths and weaknesses – where to focus

for client, designers and consultants, contractors, supply chain, risks and claims and mitigation. Re-establishing a proper delivery process.

Where will the project end up if nothing is done

time, cost and reputational damage assessed.


outline recovery plan, costed options with time and benefits, illustrated road map for recovery along with guarantees.

Project Outline Recovery plan

PDSI Group is an independent privately owned professional consultancy providing dispute advice and expert work along with dispute avoidance and project recovery services.

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