Construction Planners

Our construction planners provide a unique support service to client developers and end users and contractors and also provide expert witness service in construction disputes. Our key offerings include;

  • Preparation of detailed construction and tender programmes.
  • Preparation of initial scheme feasibility programmes.
  • Review of and advice regarding alternative procurement options.
  • Management and monitoring of design teams.
  • Programming and monitoring design team interfaces.Interpretation of the criticality of contractors’ own bar charts.
  • Review of the practicability of activity periods and logic to assess programme feasibility and the implications of programme compression.
  • The assessment of potential risk to identify particular areas for more intensive management and monitoring including Monte Carlo risk analysis.
  • The reproduction of hand-drawn bar charts into fully logic linked critical path networks presented as quality Gantt Charts or line of balance.
  • Establishment of project milestones and the identification of their criticality relative to individual project events and tasks.
  • Planning support to employers’ and contractors’ own staff from pre-contract through to project completion. Full support to produce “As-built” records and for the analysis of the events which lead to delays and subsequent claims for extension of time.